Chilly Temperatures Bring Warm Celebrations in Bristol

Resident Family Thanksgiving Dinner

The chilly evening of Tuesday, November 13th marked a WARM celebration at Dominion Senior Living of Bristol…our Resident Family Thanksgiving Dinner! Each Thanksgiving season, we look forward to bringing family and friends closer to their loved ones and sharing a memorable and delicious feast!

Speaking of a feast, we dined on an exquisite selection of oven-roasted turkey with gravy, savory stuffing, fresh cranberry sauce, whipped potatoes, green bean casserole, marshmallow-crusted sweet potato casserole, perfectly browned rolls, traditional pumpkin pie, and homemade apple pie…all served with tea, coffee, and hot apple cider. Our Dining Services team ensured that no one would leave their table hungry!

Our other teams, including the Director team, Life Enrichment, Maintenance, Wellness, and Resident Assistant teams banded together to clean and decorate the dining room and serve dinner, ensuring a smooth flow to the evening. Hymns of Thanksgiving played in the background, and we all shared countless smiles and laughter with one another. Two of the greatest highlights of the evening were seeing newer resident families meeting one another and making new friends, and witnessing so many moments of pure JOY!

In addition to the wonderful family and friends we welcomed for dinner, we were granted the great pleasure of having Dr. Grant Standefer join us from Knoxville! Grant serves as the Chaplain for Dominion Senior Living and works with many of our communities. What a blessing it was to share the evening with him!

We are looking forward to the festivities ahead, including our Winter Ball to be held on Friday, December 14th!

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  • Dominion Senior Living of Bristol - 2018 Thanksgiving Celebration
  • Dominion Senior Living of Bristol - 2018 Thanksgiving Celebration
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